PopcornSoda Ranks

Zenex- the leader


Zeno- a server leader


Darth- a world leader


Lord- a settlement leader


Squib- a normal regular member


Envoy- a person who wants to join and still needs to fill out an application, also known as a visitor to the clan

Intercraften Adventures 2, also PopcornSoda Update 1

i have installed bases for PopcornSoda Players in all the worlds, to get to Bases just do /warp PopcornSoda_Base and you’re in ย ๐Ÿ™‚ also in old peaceful besides a PopcornSoda_Base is also a PopcornSoda_HQ which can be recheached through the warp PopcornSoda_HQ , this PopcornSoda_HQ isnt very developed, but its just meant to be a head quarters for various PopcornSoda ventures in the old peaceful world. thats all for now, also obi please come back to intercraften. and also T_Dude2 i hope your seeing this ๐Ÿ™‚ if you are then leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚


The Minecrafters guide to body language, or how to speak without chatting. First Edition, regular talking

I was checking out Minecraft Adventures the other day and saw this informative post, I thought it was pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Minecraft Adventures

Here is a guide on how to make your minecraft life a little better. After you read this you will sleep better tonight knowing that if you get muted on a server, you can still have a very limited conversation with a player.



This means that you are sad, depressed, or in need something.



This means hello, excuse me, or I am in need of something



This means HELLO!!!!!!



Crazy jumping means: Helloihavenotseenyouinalongtimewhereisyourhousesoicanseeyouagain! Or, Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!



Jumping means you are excited.



This means, Good to see you, hello, and I am in need of something.

That is all! Next edition we will talk about PvP body language.

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Intercraften Adventures 1

I was on InterCraften lately and I found this epic solar system that someone had built. Check it out i got a picture of it from google images but I know it’s the same place because i have looked at the place a few times

I'm on the moon!

I’m on the moon!

So that was pretty cool if you have seen this before than say II in comments. If you havent seen this it’s on Intercraften. It’s in the staff world in Gr8’s Planetarium ๐Ÿ˜€

Hey I’m new here

Just a post I did on Minecraft adventures

Minecraft Adventures

Hey Iโ€™m new here, so Iโ€™ll tell you a little about myself

Iโ€™m a business player I loving trading and econs

My favorite minecraft animal is a donkey

I head a new YouTube channel called PopcornSoda

I love blogging even though Iโ€™m kinda new

I have my own blog at 99disconnected.wordpress.com

Thanks for letting me join!

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99Knows , what this blog is about

I will be posting videos and such, I will have mini series too. My mini series will be 99Knows Towns, 99Knows Cities, and the last on which I think will be the better of them 99Knows People

99Knows Towns- I will review and check out functional towns will people in them.

99Knows Cities- I will review and check out one player or few player made cities that don’t really have many ย people living in them

99Knows People- I will post screen shots of people, and include the ip of the server from which the screen shot was taken